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Zeiss VISUFIT 1000


Introducing the Zeiss VISUFIT 1000

Precision, state-of-the-art spectacle dispensing -
at its very best.

The VISUFIT 1000 is the latest addition to the wide range of diagnostic equipment in the City Eyes practice. It is also one of the first of its kind to be utilised in the UK. Its multiple functions and features provide patients with a personal, unique and unforgettable experience. A full visual demonstration is available on our YouTube channel.

Precision 3D Centration
With the VISUFIT 1000, we are now able to record precise digital 3D measurements for patients. With just one shot, its 9 synchronised cameras provide a 180° image. From these images, we can determine the centration required for any pair of frames chosen by the patient.

Why is centration so important?
The increased precision from digital centration will optimise the performance of any lens that we dispense. Inaccurate centration is known to decrease the optical performance of a lens by 40%, making them uncomfortable to wear. Digital centration resolves this issue. VISUFIT 1000 not only optimises lens performance, but makes the process of centration quicker, easier and comfortable for patients.

Comparison between frames
Patients can also refer to their images, which offer a detailed perspective to their chosen frames. The highly accurate 3D images produced enable them to closely compare various pairs of frames, before selecting a pair best suited to them. Patients with higher prescriptions may find this feature particularly useful.

Simulating lenses
With VISUFIT 1000, we are able to simulate a range of lenses onto their 3D image. This enables patients to make sure that they are happy with the coating or tint on their lens. Overall, the patient is given a memorable, enjoyable and easy experience when purchasing lenses, frames and sunglasses from us.

The other added benefit of the Visufit, is that we can carry out the precision dispensing whilst we are also adhering to the social distancing that is now recommended.