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Zeiss iProfiler

ZEISS i.Profiler plus

ZEISS i.Profiler plus

In-depth analysis and bespoke lenses.

Would you like to see more and above all better
even at dusk and in the dark?

Spectacle lenses with ZEISS i.Scription technology are bespoke to your eyes down to the smallest detail and are therefore even sharper, richer in contrast and even more brilliant.
For better vision, day and night.

We can analyse your eyes within a minute.

For the production of your spectacle lenses with ZEISS i.Scription technology, your eyes are analysed and computer-controlled using a special measuring device – the ZEISS i.Profiler plus.

In contrast to the usual procedure, this measures the visual performance considering the pupil size fluctuations depending on light conditions. With the aid of wavefront technology it creates a detailed visual profile within a minute with a large number of individual data – as detailed as a fingerprint.

The ZEISS i.Profiler plus enables us to perform fast, deep and accurate analysis of your eyes, giving us a a holistic view of your personal eye data.

Gain more visual comfort and feel more safety in demanding light conditions because of the reduction of glare effects.

Bespoke ZEISS i.Scription Lenses are optimised to your vision fingerprint.

  • Better night and low-light vision.
  • Crisper colour vision.
  • Better visual contrast.

In short – See sharper at night.
Many eyeglass wearers have poorer vision at night or at dusk. This is caused by the lack of light, so that the pupil size has to widen more, causing the depth of field is lost, spatial vision is restricted. Reflections and low contrast also fatigue the eye.