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Richard Collier

I have been seeing Charles Babumba for quite some time now – ten years or so and he has always been extremely professional and conscientious as well as being a thoroughly nice guy. He makes the whole experience friendly and easy. I first heard about Ortho K from a newspaper article and it sounded exactly what needed and when I found out that Charles is one of the leading exponents I was delighted.

I am short-sighted (-1.5 in both eyes) and so need to wear contacts or glasses in order to enjoy decent vision. Glasses were not always convenient and lenses, even soft dailies, became uncomfortable especially in the evenings as I have extremely dry eyes as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. It got to the stage where I would rather not use anything – except for driving etc – but did mean I was squinting a lot.

I did look into laser surgery but didn’t really like the idea of the procedure and because of my arthritis was turned down by various providers. Ortho K was my saving grace. I won’t go into the details as you can have it explained in more detail on Charles Website but I will say it is brilliant. Right from day one the effect was dramatic as soon as I took the lenses out I was able to enjoy clear focused vision which lasted all through the day. I have been using them now for about two months and have now progressed to the stage where I wear the lenses for one night and the effect lasts for three full days before I need to put them in again. How cool is that. It is such a simple process and this was made particularly clear on my recent holiday as I was able to sunbathe and swim and snorkel and see without having to put lenses in and take the out as I used to.

Charles was excellent, explaining it all to me and the whole process took about half an hour to map my eyes and gather the information to allow him to make the lenses which I picked up a week later. It really is that simple and I cannot recommend both the procedure and Charles himself highly enough. If you are thinking of an alternative to glasses or lenses you have to call him.

Richard Collier