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Ortho-K Testimonials

I have been seeing Charles for my eyes for over a decade now. Although I no longer live in the UK, I still see him once or twice a year when I am in London. Ortho-K in particular has benefitted me greatly.

Raj Jit

Ortho-K has been great for me. For a fact I know that my eyesight has not deteriorated in the last two and a half years. This would not be the case if I was wearing glasses.

Joseph (15 yrs)

I was fed up with glasses, couldn’t stand the constant dry eyes contact lenses gave me and wasn’t brave enough to go down the laser surgery route. I really didn’t think I had many options left but then Charles, my optician, introduced me to Ortho K lenses and I haven’t looked back. They truly are amazing. I pop them in at bedtime and take them out in the morning and my vision is excellent all day. It really is that simple. Most people are quite incredulous when I tell them about Ortho K lenses and how they work, and I can’t believe that more people don’t know about them. I certainly couldn’t be without them now. Go on, give them a try, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Jenny C.

I have been using Ortho K overnight vision correction lenses for over three years and am delighted with the results. Before hearing about the procedure I had been considering laser surgery but was concerned about potential side effects so I was pleased to find something non-invasive and completely reversible. As a keen sailor I was also looking for a better solution than my existing glasses which were prone to condensation and smudging from rain or spray in rough weather making them far from ideal.

Since using the Ortho K lenses I have been very impressed with the dramatic improvement to my vision, so much so that I do not need to wear them every night. I can now see distant objects more clearly than ever before which is particularly useful when trying to identify navigation lights at sea in the dark, something I used to find difficult in the past even with my glasses. Driving is also much easier, particularly at night. Never having worn any kind of contact lenses before I was initially a little concerned about whether they might cause any discomfort at night but this has proved not to be the case and they have never disturbed my sleep. Overall I am very pleased indeed with the lenses and would recommend them to anyone interested in trying the procedure. I would also highly recommend the excellent service I have received from Charles Babumba at City Eyes Ophthalmic Opticians whose in-depth knowledge and professionalism have impressed me from the initial consultation right through to the continuing aftercare.


I wore semi-permeable contact lenses for about 30 years and thought my eyes would be too old to do anything else with. I had considered laser treatment but was worried about something going irreparably wrong. Having worn Ortho K lenses for just over a year now, I would not be without them and would hate to return to lenses. I really like the simplicity and practicality of wearing lenses at night so that you can see during the day. It’s great to be able to see clearly as soon as you wake up and it’s marvellous not to have to deal with fibres and dust getting into your eyes with lenses. Now I can put make-up on my eyes and not spoil it by putting lenses in and making my eyes water for one reason or another. I can wear eye area moisturiser without the oil seeping into my lenses. My eyes are in better health; less dry and tired looking and this has impacted on the overall look of my face since I don’t wrinkle my eyes up as I used to, especially by the end of the day when my eyes were tired and the lenses drying them out. I’ve been swimming and snorkelling this summer and could see perfectly for the first time. I didn’t have to keep my head out of the water for fear of getting my lenses wet. I could dive as much and as spontaneously as I wanted and I can now take a shower without the palaver of removing and washing lenses beforehand and then replacing them afterwards. I don’t need to wear glasses at any time any more, I can just – see!

What’s great is that Mr. Babumba gave me a really thorough eye check -up, picking up on straight-forward eye health issues that had not been noticed before and which were sorted out promptly.

What’s wonderful is that the Ortho K lenses start to be noticeably effective from day one and it’s not long before the ‘miracle’ of near perfect vision occurs. I still find it amazing. The lenses are not entirely perfect sometimes, especially in half-light or if you sleep with your head at the wrong angle, preventing the lens from doing its job fully in the night. Night time driving can be tricky as headlight glare gets refracted oddly at times but this does improve over time. It’s useful to always have some low-strength soft lenses for the odd occasion. Apart from that, I love my Ortho K and wish I’d tried them years ago. Thank you Ortho K Team!

J. H.

I originally contacted Charles Babumba after seeing him talk about Ortho K on ‘This Morning’. I had a -2.5/-2.0 prescription (with slight astigmatism) which meant I had had to wear either glasses or contacts lenses since the age of 23. I have always been very ‘sporty’ and both glasses and contacts were a source of annoyance within everyday life – especially when swimming. I also ride a motorcycle and again glasses we’re obstructive, and contacts used to irritate after long term wear. Ortho K seemed to be an ideal solution. It would mean I would be correction free during the day, my eyes would get oxygen to them, it was reversible, affordable and seemed relatively risk free (especially when compared to Laser surgery which would permanently compromise the integrity of the eye). After an initial consultation (involving a thorough examination to ascertain suitability) I was fitted with my new lenses, and instructed how to insert them & the necessary aftercare. Hard lenses we’re a little bit uncomfortable to start with, but like anything new my eyes soon adapted.

The immediate results we’re amazing, and for the first time in years I could see clearly without correction. Over the following months my eyes improved further and my Ortho K lenses just became part of my regular routine – a bit like brushing your teeth! Now, after nearly three years under Charles’ care I have had no problems whatsoever – no soreness, infections etc. I observe a meticulous hygiene regime which I think really helps, and cannot now imagine being dependant on glasses or daytime lenses. I am able to play all kinds of sports, ride my bike and wear my sunglasses unhindered. Charles is particularly passionate about eye care, and as a customer this gives a real sense of being in the hands of an expert. He takes the time to explain what and why he is doing things and his overall approach is not just about correcting my prescription but also keeping close tabs on ongoing visual & overall health. Much of which I understand can be prevented if identified early enough. I guess the ultimate endorsement is the fact that whenever I meet someone who still wears glasses or contacts I cannot help myself but to make them aware of Ortho K, Charles and City Eyes. Meeting Charles and using Ortho K really has been life changing and I hope to be under his care for many years to come.

Chris B

I have been raving about you and Ortho K to my Deputy Editor, she can’t believe it!


If you are a short-sighted sportsman or woman, work in a dusty workplace or suffer from dry eyes, wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day may not be an option. The Ortho K system – contact lenses that correct short-sightedness while you sleep – could offer a solution. Wearing the tailor-made gas-permeable lenses overnight reshapes the cornea (the dome shaped window covering the front of the eye) to its correct position, giving the wearer 20/20 vision upon waking. The sight correction generally lasts for the entire day, and sometimes longer: some wearers find they may only need to wear the lenses every other night. Swimmers, rejoice: you can wear them in the pool, too. Although the lenses don’t cure short sight, some studies have indicated that using them may slow down the progression of myopia. The technology has been around since the 1960s, but has only recently become affordable.

Optometrist Charles Babumba, of City Eyes in the City of London, is prescribing Ortho K lenses to many of his patients, including his 13-year-old daughter, and monitoring the results. ‘The lenses are not appropriate for everybody,’ he says. ‘They are not suitable for people with diabetes, high blood pressure. They only work when the wearer is asleep and must be worn for at least six hours, so some people’s lifestyles might rule them out.’

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