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Laser eye surgery alternative?

Are you suffering form deteriorating vision and considering having laser eye surgery?  It is extremely important that you seek unbiased advice before you take the plunge. It is better to be safe rather than sorry by comparing the  pros and cons of tried and tested alternative corrective treatments /solutions and then decide which one is most suitable for your lifestyle.

Glasses are great for occasional wear such as for reading or driving, but you can’t leave them unattended with children around or fully enjoy your yoga classes. Contact lenses offer a better solution, especially for those of us who love to be active. But again, for swimming, water sports or outdoor activities, they can be susceptible to causing infections or they just fall out when you least expect it, and when you don’t have a spare one with you. For people who really need clear vision for their activities, laser eye surgery could be one of the options, but it’s not for everyone, as there are umpteen risks associated with laser eye surgery. I personally almost faint every time I see an injection in my doctor’s hands. Imagining having a surgery, on my eyes, brings me horrible nightmares. Recently, increasingly popular Ortho K lenses, luckily for people like me, offer a non-invasive solution for clear vision during the day, every day without laser surgery, glasses or contact lenses. The lenses reshape your cornea every night when you put them on before you go to bed, and you can enjoy clear vision every morning when you take them out. Clear vision usually lasts for a day or so. As the cornea is very flexible and returns to its original shape after a while, you don’t have to be worried about side effects…The risks are comparable to wearing standard lenses, except that  the risk of an infection is reduced, as you only wear the OrthoK lenses at night, preferably in your bedroom when you are asleep.

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