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How to stop worsening vision in children

For many years researchers have been trying to find ways to stop worsening the vision, especially in children, when the changes usually happen very fast.  With increasing competition at schools, myopia has become a real problem.

Ortho K lenses, that correct your vision while you sleep, have been used for treatment of short sightedness and mild astigmatism as an alternative to glasses and standard contact lenses. Researchers from Hong Kong Polytechnic University have been studying their impact since 1997, conducting many studies on how these lenses could stop progression of myopia. The research run by Professor Pauline Cho and her colleagues has shown that progression of both short sightedness and astigmatism could be slowed by wearing Ortho K lenses.

The group of children between 7 and 10 years had been randomly assigned to wearing contact lenses or glasses for 24 months. At the end of the trial, the increase of eyeball length in children wearing orthokeratology lenses was about 43% slower than those wearing spectacles. Another study focused on progression of astigmatism also had shown Ortho K lenses as better option from the two.

For more information about Ortho K lenses and how they work, contact City Eyes Opthalmic Opticians. Charles Babumba, BSc (Hons), DOpt, MOAA, CCEH (Moorfields) is involved in research of latest materials and techniques, providing Ortho K patients with maximum comfort and guidance to enable them to enjoy lens free days.

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