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How to protect your vision from computer use

For the last few decades, increasing number of children as well as adults has been suffering from vision problems. This is particularly due to long hours spent in front of the computers, tablets or mobiles that constantly strain your eyes. When problems occur it is essential to seek an optician who can recommend you some trendy glasses or latest technology contact lenses, but mainly give you some advice on how to look after your eyes well. Here are some tips from us.

1. Spend plenty of time outside – scientists found that the more time we spend outside, the less likely we are to suffer from vision problems such as myopia (short sightedness) or eye strain. Easy to say I know, but next time you can make a little bit more effort, put that tablet away, and enjoy your surroundings.

2. 20/20/20 rule – working long hours in front of the computer screen can dramatically contribute towards worsening your sight. The best prevention here is to use so called 20/20/20 rule – look 20 meters away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Impossible? You can set yourself a reminder and blame your optometrist who will tell you off otherwise. I’m sure your boss will understand that. (You can always show him a picture of Colombian guerrillas leader and say that’s your optometrist).

3. Adjust your screen – make sure your screen is at the right height, and if needed, use coloured overlays to relieve your eyes. ┬áSo called Colourimetry can help you assess which colour can improve your focus and vision the best.

4. Eat well – good old healthy diet can improve your vision as well as anything else in your life. In particular, Vitamins A, C and E are great to nurture your eyes.

5. Have fun – ask you optician for the best eye exercises, and in a meanwhile, relax your eyes using this 3D stereogram (what can you see on the picture?).


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