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How to avoid laser eye surgery?

Not many people with healthy eyes realize how lucky they are – millions of people in the UK suffer from vision problems. Glasses or contact lenses usually do the job, however, they can restrict you from enjoying some activities such as water sports, where both glasses and contact lenses can cause a thread to your eyes. Laser surgery seems to be the only option, however, not the safest one. Ortho K lenses offer solution for people who want to avoid surgery, but still want to fully enjoy their lives. Ortho K lenses are worn overnight, they reshape the cornea so that you have clear vision during the day. Cornea is very flexible and after short time it gets back to its original shape. That’s why there are no lasting side effects with Ortho K treatment. ¬†Moreover, few studies have shown that Ortho K lenses slower the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) in children, when usually worsening of the sight happens the most rapidly. It is very popular treatment in Hong-Kong, for example, where significant number of children suffer from short-sightedness.

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