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Help us celebrate National Eye Health Week in September 2014.


This is the fifth event to take place in as many years and we are working closely with eye care charities, organisations and health professionals across the UK to bring to the forefront the ever increasing importance to look after our eyes and our children’s eyes.


National Eye Health week is designed to educate us in the best way to look after our eyes and the best way to do so is to attend annual appointments with a trusted optometrist.


Many people believe that they should only have an eye examination when you feel you can’t see as well anymore. This is a very common misconception. Eye Examinations are of equal, if not more important, in detecting health issues that can be seen through the eyes. These include, diabetes, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other more serious conditions to name but a few.


Many of the above, if found early, can be treated successfully, avoiding potential sight loss.


The aim is not only to see people when they present symptoms but to also educate people on preventative measures that are within your control. We would like this to result in people seeing an eye examination in the same light as their regular dentist appointment. It is important to look after your health, don’t leave it too late.


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