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Glaucoma – preventive eye tests

With World Glaucoma week being this week, we ask ourselves…. Do we look after our eyes well enough? Does a standard Eye Examination give us the screening advised for people with a family history of glaucoma, those with the signs and symptoms of glaucoma, or those who are at great risk of developing this sight threatening condition because of their ethnicity, eye shape or very high myopia (short sight).

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the world, and approximately 10% of people with glaucoma who receive proper treatment still experience loss of vision.

Everyone is at risk, from babies to senior citizens. Approximately 1 out of every 10,000 babies born in the UK suffers from glaucoma, 1 in 50 people in the UK over the age of 40 have glaucoma and 1 in 10 suffer from glaucoma in the UK over the age of 75.

Andrea Begley, the 2013 winner of the voice UK is an example of this. She has lost 90% of her vision to glaucoma that started in her childhood. Andrea explains, in the link, the struggles with coping and accepting her condition.

Can glaucoma be treated or cured?

We know that once damage has been caused in the back of the eye by glaucoma it can’t be reversed but it can be controlled to protect against further damage and loss of peripheral vision or total blindness, if it is picked up early, and treatment is started as soon as possible.

The high risk of total blindness or restricted vision highlights the importance of regular eye examinations, incorporating comprehensive preventative tests/procedures.

At City Eyes Clinic (London), we run a daily glaucoma clinic, and we offer a full glaucoma screening  service using the latest ‘state-of- the art’ laser diagnostic equipment. This enables us to pick up early warning signs of glaucoma before any devastating symptoms are experienced.  Early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, plays a very important role in the preservation of the precious gift of sight.