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Bespoke Glasses

Do you find it difficult to get a spectacle frame or sunglasses that fit you comfortably, look good and enable you to see well?

We offer a highly personalised service and our well-trained staff have the patience, knowledge and experience to guide you through the enjoyable experience of a thorough eye examination, having the latest-technology contact lenses fitted, choosing and having a spectacle frame or sunglasses fitted onto your face.

With our bespoke eye-fit technology, our lovely dispenser and style consultant Ana Luisa, who has many years’ experience in the optical industry, will help you to choose a frame that fits you perfectly. If you can’t find a frame that fits you, she will consult with you to design a custom-made/bespoke frame that will not only look and feel good on you, but will also complement your looks and style while enabling you to see well. You can have a frame for work, one for sport, and one for leisure!

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TD Tom Davies Bespoke and Couture Glasses Design

Tom Davies Eyewear was founded by Tom Davies himself in the year 2000. It was originally set up as a couture business creating glasses and sunglasses for the rich and famous, with prices of up to £5,000 and a waiting list running up to 12 months.

In 2008, Tom opened his own factory and now offers a full bespoke service through his global network of exclusive opticians at affordable prices.

The beauty of being able to offer bespoke glasses through Tom Davies is that you can choose exactly how you want your bespoke glasses to look and feel. Tom’s passion in the development of this service has allowed him to be able to create bespoke glasses that are hand made from raw materials such as titanium or acetate, and are completely unique to you from the colours and shapes, down to the precision of fitting measurements.

Long gone are the red marks on your nose, and the occasion where you have been at a gathering and someone is wearing an identical pair.

This tailor made glasses service allow you to create what’s in your mind!

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