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Coloured overlays – relieving your eyes from stress

It is similar to sunglasses – to feel comfortable in sunny weather you want to protect your eyes from too much light and UV rays. Why not to do the same with your computer screen? Coloured overlays can protect your eyes from unnecessary light that strains your eyes, which can also cause neck pain, headaches, or even migraines.

City Eyes Ophthalmic Opticians offer Colourimetry treatment where you can use coloured overlays or tinted glasses to relieve your eyes and improve your focus. During the assessment done by our trained member of staff you will use different coloured overlays to find wich one increases your reading speed the most and limits mistakes you make at the same time. By choosing correct one your reading speed could significantly increase, and you would feel more focused without straining your eyes. Regarding colour tinted glasses, precise bespoke colour is found using our hi-tech equipment. Glasses have many advantages compared to overlays, as they can be used not only for computer screen, but also for driving, reading and other activities, whenever you find them useful.

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