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Zeiss VISUFIT 1000

The Zeiss VISUFIT 1000 is a precision, state-of-the-art spectacle diagnostic tool.

The VISUFIT 1000 is the latest addition to the wide range of diagnostic equipment in the City Eyes practice. It is also one of the first of its kind to be utilised in the UK.

Ortho-K Overnight Lenses

Risk-free Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery.
Ortho-K overnight lenses correct vision without the need for contact lenses during the day. This is made possible by a specially designed Ortho-K contact lens that reverses the power of the cornea at the front of the eye during overnight wear.

Designer Eyewear

Using the latest technology, we take bespoke readings of pupil distances, monocular pupil distances, fitting feights, pantascopic tilt/angle, the wrap of the frame, the back vertex distance and the reading distance measurements with the upmost accuracy.

Pre-Laser Surgery

City Eyes Ophthalmic Opticians and Ortho-K Lenses Clinic offers unbiased pre-laser eye surgery advice and consultations.

We carry out a detailed pre-laser eye surgery assessment that includes a comprehensive eye health examination, vision analysis and assessment of the visual pathways.

Specialist Lenses

Discover the Ortho-K Overnight Lens system.
City Eyes is an Acuvue Centre of Excellence practice which ensures our patients will get the right contact lens options to suit their lifestyle, and be given the training for fitting and maintenance of their own lenses.

Eye Conditions

Looking after your optical health means a great deal more than just a simply eye test. Our 18+ Optical Health Analysis program ensures you are tested for any underlying eye conditions.

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