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Cheap glasses can cause eyestrain

According to the survey done by consumer platform Which? on ready readers, the glasses that are widely available for instant purchase can cause eye strain, headaches, and even double vision. Unnamed optometrist assessed 18 different ready readers from various high street chains, to find out that some of them were centered incorrectly, distorted or loose in frame, which can result in symptoms named above.  The quality of the glasses is just one aspect, though, as fitting and aftercare is equally important for your comfort.

As the chairman of the Association of Optometrists, Lyndon Taylor, said: “A huge benefit of buying spectacles from a High Street practice is that the patient will receive the important aftercare necessary. Spectacles are not ‘one size fits all,’ every patient is different, and spectacles therefore require dispensing by a trained professional who will ensure they fit correctly. When a patient purchases a pair of spectacles,  they are not just paying for the physical spectacles themselves, but also for the correct adjustment and ongoing care.”