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Bullying of children with sight loss is ‘common’

According to the findings of a report by Blind Children UK, a great number of children with sight loss are being bullied at school…

A study with a title of Parents and the playground: a study of attitudes towards children and young people, found that 43% of children with a visual impairment have experienced some sort of bullying at school, all because of their sight loss. To make matters worse, 80% of those children have been excluded from activities by their peers.


100 parents of children with impaired vision between the ages of two to 18 years had suffered verbal and physical abuse in the playground. In some extreme cases this abuse left children anxious, withdrawn and depressed.


As a result of the shocking report, the charity has created a downloadable ‘Advice to parents’ guide to provide parents with more information about children with visual impairment

“Growing up with vision impairment is challenging enough. We want to break down the barriers that prevent children from living life to the full”, said Mr Richard Leaman, CEO at Blind Children UK


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