The ManKind venture Creates a wholesome Peer community for Men & allows Them to Create Fulfilling affairs

The Scoop: In 1985, the ManKind Project embarked on a mission to unite men under a banner of kindness and compassion. Now, the nonprofit has stirred and educated over 68,000 guys to be perfect form of by themselves. The ManKind venture uses using the internet education, in-person products, and party try to nurture an international … Read more

Get £50 off your Ortho-K treatment now

Get £50 off your Ortho-K treatment now.  Ortho-K treatment improves vision by gently reshaping your eyes WHILE YOU SLEEP using specially designed contact lenses for you. When you awake, you will have clear, sharp, natural vision for your waking hours. Read more about Ortho-K lenses. Call us today to book an appointment:0207 638 6192 (24 hrs) … Read more

5 exercises to help strengthen your eyes and improve vision

We post simple steps to follow to keep eyes healthy. There are many things you can do to make sure you are seeing your best. Try 5 very easy but effective everyday exercises to help strengthen your eyes and improve vision. Blinking is a simple exercise which helps to focus longer. Computer users and television … Read more

Playing a video game or surfing the web in a bed before going to sleep?

Waking up and feeling sleepier— even after eight hours of shuteye? Does it sound familiar to you? There is some evidence that use of digital devices which emit visible blue light in the evening, may affect the circadian cycle (sleep/wake cycle), and lead to delayed sleep. When artificial light is added to a human’s day, … Read more