Playing a video game or surfing the web in a bed before going to sleep?

Playing a video game or surfing the web in a bed before going to sleep? Waking up and feeling sleepier— even after eight hours of shuteye? Does it sound familiar to you? There is some evidence that use of digital devices which emit visible blue light in the evening, may

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Explained.

The OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a non-invasive imaging technique which uses light waves to take cross-section images of the Retina. In practice we assess the Macula, Optic Nerve and Cornea with the OCT. Part 1: The Macula- Our central vision. The Macula is a pigmented area at the centre


Overnight lenses may stop short-sightedness What is short-sightedness? Myopia (near-sightedness or short-sightedness) is a very common and severe eye condition in children and adults. A progressive eye condition, Myopia affects a significant proportion of the population and begins to affect children from around the ages of 8-12. Myopia may worsen between

What is macular degeneration?

What is macular degeneration?  Macular degeneration or age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a condition that causes a loss of central vision when the macular (the part of the retina responsible for crystal clear and detailed central vision) is unable to function as efficiently as it should.  Central vision is what

Have your children had an eye examination in the last year?

Have your children had an eye examination in the last year? Children rarely complain about their eye sight but can often show in their behaviour that there is a problem with their vision. A full ocular assessment (eye examination) is important for children as visual problems can be detected which

Computer vision syndrome

What is computer vision syndrome? Computer vision syndrome or CVS is a condition that affects the eyes when they have been focusing on computer screens or display devices such as tablets over long, uninterrupted periods of time. Often temporary, computer vison syndrome affects approximately 90% of people who spend three

The Irlen® Institute – Providing Real Solutions

Backed by over 30 years of research, the Irlen Institute is the pioneer and global leader in the visual processing technology that has helped millions of adults and children around the world. With over 170 Irlen Clinics in 46 countries around the world, Irlen is the original creator of colored

Hayfever? It’s time to take control!

Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, or hay fever, are a common condition seen in practice. Specific pollens release spores during specific seasons: May and June (grass pollen) and August and September (ragweed pollen). Itching is the most common symptom in seasonal allergic conjunctivitis diagnosis, as well as watery/mucus discharge, burning, and redness of

Bullying of children with sight loss is ‘common’

According to the findings of a report by Blind Children UK, a great number of children with sight loss are being bullied at school… A study with a title of Parents and the playground: a study of attitudes towards children and young people, found that 43% of children with a

Discovery could shed light on glaucoma:

A recently discovered layer in the human cornea has been found to make a significant contribution to the tissue that controls the flow of the fluid in the eye. Research conducted by the University of Nottingham and published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology showed that 'Dua's Layer' named after Professor