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Welcome to City Eyes Ophthalmic Opticians - exclusive independent clinic

Established in 1989 by Charles Babumba, BSc(Hons), DOpt, CCEH (Moorfields).

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We are a forward looking practice, with innovative ideas, a progressive approach to eyecare services and treatment. We use state-of-the-art hi-tech diagnostic equipment, stock fashionable/designer spectacle frames and sunglasses. We are up to date with the latest vision correction procedures including Orthokeratology (OrthoK) and Colourimetry. We offer pre-assessments and unbiased advice about corrective laser eye surgery.

We regularly attend seminars and conferences in the USA, UK and the rest of Europe, so as to keep in tune with current and future research for the treatment of eye diseases, like Macular Degeneration, Diabetes, Cataract, Glaucoma and the control of short sightedness (Myopia) in children and young adults.

OrthoK – as seen on TV

Ortho K logoOrtho K overnight lenses correct vision without the need for contact lenses during the day. This is made possible by a specially designed Ortho K contact lens that reverses the power of the cornea at the front of the eye during overnight wear.

Read about Charles Babumba on the OrthoK Doctors website here.

Charles was the most professional ophthalmologist I have ever met, his service was clearly above and beyond what I was used to with other specialists I had met in the past.
Remy S.
Charles provides excellent care and expert advice, always using the latest technology to ensure best practice. His staff are always pleasant and helpful.
Freddie M.
Charles has looked after my eyes for several years, combining expertise with a delightful clinical manner. I trust him implicitly. The service is always on time. His staff are equally delightful.
Dr Mary Nisse
Charles is an excellent optometrist, having a wide knowledge of the area, using excellent equipment. His sourcing of products is wide-ranging, with items that may well not be offered by his peers.
Charles Weston
These lenses have transformed my life. My eyes feel much healthier, the freedom the lenses have given me and Dr Charles’ professional and attentive care make me one very, very happy customer.

Read more testimonials here.

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